Win a signed copy of The Shrew by author Nicholas Gordon

“Dare to venture into the dark woods?”

Victor Drew, the gamekeeper at the Brockleston shoot, receives a threatening letter from what appears to be a group of animal rights activists, threatening the future of his job and the continuation of sporting activities on the estate. But he knows that Richard Mowbray, Lord Hugo Brockleston’s land agent, has no loyalty to the estate’s long-standing traditions.

Victor cannot imagine the size of the storm that is just over the horizon, nor the strength of the forces stacked against him and the countryside traditions he upholds.

The Shrew brilliantly encapsulates one man’s attachment to traditional rural life and culture in the face of the depredations of an uncaring, modern world.

The Shrew is a tale of desire, deceit and death in the English countryside. And author Nicholas Gordon is presenting an offer for a free signed copy for anyone who posts a review to or All you have to do is post your review, and then notify him by sending an email to NicholasGordon2008 at gmail dot com.

For more info you can swing by our website, but you can also check out his blog where you can preview chapter one and chapter seventeen.