New Release: Grass Roots, by John Trueman

Cover, John Trueman's "Grass Roots"

Cover, Grass Roots

The season looks promising and Dave is keen for it to get going. But as each game throws up its unique challenges against a background typical of local grass roots football with its squabbles and incidents, players’ personal relationships begin to overlap with their football. And that’s a first for Dave.

As the players grow and change both on and off the pitch, the fate of Dave’s personal and football lives seem intertwined. But the journeys of life are not always what they seem; one ends but another begins.

Therein lies the essence of John Trueman’s debut title. Written in a style similar to that of Bill Bryson, Trueman’s book isn’t “just another book about football”. I’ll tell you what I mean.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love baseball, and I’ve said that one of my favourite baseball movies really isn’t even about baseball. Field of Dreams isn’t about baseball, it just has baseball in it. It just uses the sport as a catalyst for character growth, and in some ways a metaphor for life. In some very similar ways, Trueman’s Grass Roots isn’t necessarily all about football, it just uses football as a foundation for the characters, to help illustrate how they’ve grown between front and back cover.

Trueman, who worked for WH Smith for 25 years, is available for author features and interviews. And of course if you’d like to review the book, just get in touch.