Author Q&A: Charles Albert Booth on the Lockerbie Bombing of 1988

Charles Albert Booth has authored the definitive work on the Lockerbie Bombing of 1988. Confronted daily with the developments of the investigation, The Truth Never Dies is a comprehensive and eyewitness account of the events and their aftermath which examines the evidence and investigating its validity. Charles was the manager of the largest hotel in Lockerbie at […]

Author’s Evenings at Clare Cottage with Melrose Books

Bernard Lockett speaks on the music and influence of Gilbert and Sullivan On the third Wednesday evening of every month, Melrose Books and Clare Cottage team up to provide an Author’s Evening. It’s a unique opportunity to meet with an author in an intimate environment, engage with them on their topic of expertise, hear about […]

Upcoming events for Melrose Books authors

A quick breakdown of a few events we have coming up in the next couple of weeks, for anyone looking to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Saturday 13 May 2011 – Former Essex police officer and current Essex storyteller Mike Benning will be signing books at Waterstone’s in Bury St. Edmunds, the Butter Market location, […]

Promoting My Book 101: Be a professional

“It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and just a few moments to ruin it.” Criticism goes hand-in-hand with being a published author. And if you are a published author, then you know perfectly well that it’s not all constructive criticism. Inevitably someone will come along whose review (for example) is scathing, apparently for no […]