Ever wondered: How can I promote my book? Melrose Books can help!

At the seminar in April 2010

Whether you’re published with Penguin or Bloomsbury as traditional publishers, whether you’re self-published through someone like Lulu, or whether you’re published with a partnership publisher like Melrose Books, as an author you will need to be heavily involved in the promotion of your own book if you want it to sell.

Particularly for a first-time author, marketing your book can be a bit daunting. Once the editing is finished, the manuscript is typeset and all you’re waiting for is the book to come back from the printer, the prospect of “what happens now” looms large.

To help our authors with this task, every year we host a marketing seminar in Cambridge. Of course a number of our authors are invited. But all authors, whether published or not, whether a Melrose Books author or not, are welcome to attend. It’s our opportunity to inform and equip authors so that they have practical, applicable knowledge not just of the publishing and trade industries, but of how they can help themselves as well.

At this year’s seminar, we’ll be touching on…

  • Getting you comfortable speaking about your book in public
  • Finding your synopsis by breaking everything down to its simplest and most dynamic
  • Arranging events and how they work, from the venue/bookseller perspective
  • Relationships with wholesalers and the retail trade
  • A guide to self-promotion from one of our authors, Ceri Norman
  • How ancillary author activities can raise your profile
  • How to pitch your book
  • New media and how it can help you network, expand your audience and drive sales

This year’s seminar is this coming Tuesday, on the 10th of May 2011. If you’re an author and you want to make the most of the promotional experience involved in marketing your book, get in touch with us.