Self Publishing Magazine Editor’s Choice: Nerida’s Tears by Nicole Malcomson

Melrose Books51hdOMIldwL._SL500_AA300_ is very proud to hear that one of its authors, Nicole Malcomson, has been selected as the Editor’s Choice in Self Publishing Magazine. Tainted Blood: Nerida’s Tears was selected and reviewed in the magazine’s 25th issue.

“Editor’s Choice…

Nerida’s Tears by Nicole Malcomson

This is a story of war between Maris, God of light, and Liriad, goddess of darkness, both of whom wish to control the world. In order to win the battle, they seek the help of four phoenixes who control fire, water, air and earth. Both god and goddess use a human child to help them find Nerida, the water phoenix.

With a spectacular from cover and intriguing title, I was extremely keen to read the story inside. It immediately provided an impressive, dramatic prologue, encouraging me to read on. Throughout the novel, grammar and dialogue is used well, clearly having been proofread, and there is plenty of storyline to keep the reader’s interest. For a fantasy book buzzing with ideas, my only criticism is that some of the character names unfortunately let it down, not quite fitting in with the time period and history the book is aimed at, such as Derek and Fred…!

Aimed at young teenagers, there’s plenty of action and with a cliffhanger ending, the promise of more books to come. This is a good debut novel by a young writer.

Melrose 9781907732966 £10.99″