The Mighty Hybrid and The Keeper of the Slabs: His 1966 Order for a Fender Telecaster Bass…

What is a Fender Telecaster Bass?

Melrose Books

The author‘s unique 1966 commission for a Telecaster Bass forever links him with Leo Fender‘s 1950 and 1957 Precisions and 1967/8 Telecasterbasses. It spurred on the R & D team at Fender, who, under the aegis of Leo, assembled a Telecaster bodied, maple fretboarded Precision Bass Hybrid of astonishing beauty. Importantly, it was the forerunner to the 1967/8 Telecaster Bass, the first instrument of the Fender reissue programme. On arrival in Britain the genesis instrument quickly generated a second order that have affectionately become know as SLAB basses. Over the last forty-seven years, the author’s Hybrid has become legendary; its reputation is peerless.

With a double shot of rhythm and blues, venues, bands, Stars and events, the book reveals vibrant slices of the mid 1960s British blues boom when recording the Shamrocks LP in Germany and later joining Dr K’s Blues Band. This treatise…

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